It’s actually better if you learn movies on your own, without formal training - otherwise your movies will be too formal.
Robert Rodriguez (in ‘Rebel Without a Crew’)





Angelina Jolie in 1997

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I meet many people offended by evolution, who passionately prefer to be the personal handicraft of God than to arise by blind physical and chemical forces over aeons from slime…What they wish to be true, they believe is true.

Only 9 percent of Americans accept the central finding of modern biology that human beings (and all other species) have slowly evolved by natural processes from a succession of more ancient beings with no divine intervention needed along the way.

Carl Sagan

Look on the bright side! Since Carl wrote these words in 1995’s The Demon-Haunted World, support for human beings evolving solely by natural processes has risen to a whopping 32%!! Although, I must admit, I don’t know where that 9% number comes from.

From a 2013 poll by the Pew Research Center:


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How to react when a girl tells you she’s changed her mind - A guide by Scott Pilgrim

Am I the only one reading this more like “How to react when your partner is giving you signs that they aren’t fully consenting - A guide by Ramona”?

that’s a good point

Both are valid takes